School Bus Safety Videos

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Bus Patroller 1

Bus Patroller 2


The Right Play

Bus Driver Deb

The Tri-Board Bus Driver

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Tri-Board Student Transportation-Safety

School Eligibility and Transportation Application Forms

Parents/Guardians who will be sending their child off to school for the first time in September or who anticipate a change of address may use the School Eligibility Search tool on our website to determine the school attendance area for their child.  Simply ty... Read More

How do I find out if my child's bus is cancelled or delayed today?

From time to time school buses will need to be cancelled or delayed for specific reasons, such as inclement weather,  power outages, etc. Cancellations may come in the form of a general cancellation where all buses are cancelled or the cancellation may only affe... Read More

Cancellations & Delays


Drivers, please remember to watch out for our kids. When the lights are flashing please, Stop for the Bus!